Meet The Candidate

I am running for County Court Judge in Seminole County for many reasons but primarily to bring the citizens a hardworking, dedicated, experienced, empathetic and patient judge in a court that exists to assist citizens with varied problems offering swift and compassionate justice.

I have been practicing law in the State of Florida since I graduated from the University of Florida Levin College of Law in 2003. My experience in Workers' Compensation and Social Security Disability law taught me patience and compassion. I opened my criminal defense firm in Seminole County in 2007. I have also served, for a short time as an Assistant State Attorney to gain experience and 2014 I returned to criminal defense.

I was the first in my family as the oldest of four children to attend college. Until then, I helped with the care of my younger sister and two brothers. Just after I graduated from the University of Central Florida; I worked as a Juvenile Probation Officer where I gained immeasurable experience with judges and families in need of compassionate legal help.

I now would be humbled and proud to offer my years of experience to represent the citizens of Seminole County, Florida as their next elected County Court Judge in 2020.

Jessica Damoth is a candidate for a judicial office which is a non-partisan race. She is prohibited from advertising and disclosing party affiliation per 2018 Florida Statutes 105.071 and Code of Judicial Conduct Cannon 7


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